Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beware of EBPromotions.com "Automatic Cell Phone Wealth System"

So people have been advertising more and more by making videos on Youtube.com. YouTube is a great advertising platform as it is free and can reach millions in an instant. Unfortunately it is also another place where scammers can draw victims in with get rich quick schemes.

I searched "Make Money Online" on Youtube to search for videos within the last month. I came across this video "How To Make Money Online - 2012 100% Legit Online Job". Within 3 days the video had 57,300 views, 236 Likes and only 1 Dislike. At first it looked like a legitimate video, but the strange thing was the video did not have any comments. Usually great videos have great customer feedback or any feedback for that matter.

In addition to the above, the video description had some fake contact information and a link to this site called EBPromotions.com. After seeing this site I decided to search for reviews of EBpromotions.com on Google.

The first thing that came up was a few testimonials from people who had used the site:

March 2008 Username: Ranger400
'If youve been around awhile, you've heard about E.B.Promotions.
I have sent eric $500 dollars.
He has since cut me loose.
I probly wont get my $500 back.
I filed a complaint with the FTC.
If eric has burned anyone, dont just lay over.
Go to the FTC and file a complaint."

July 2009 Username: Remey
"What did you give him 500 for? what was the promise you'd receive? your obviously not the 1st person who did this! I heard from my neighbor that she and her husband, senior citizens, very senior did the same thing with 3500 more than once and told for that much its all done for you so its beens a year or so and they still have not seen a thin dime still getting post cards from him telling them they will discover the same secret he did to get rich just join this program . He should be ASHAMED of himself they lost huge amounts of money with this one person in the HOPE of somehow bringing in more money to help pay for his wifes , well that is more info then they wanted me to post. What did you give him 500 for details if you want to inform others."

December 2009 Username: Scam&RipOffHater
"I've been scammed by this Eric Bechtold, a true creep he is I don't know how he can live with himself or even sleep at night.

I figure sooner or later he'll be taken out by someone he scams.

I'm a non-violent person but if I could give him anything other than the advice to stop and give back to those he took from. It would be a fist to the balls and hopefully it would prevent him from creating another monster like himself."

January 2011 Username: Antny
Bechtold promises big but delivers little. He finds what appear to be good internet MLM opportunities of which he becomes a downline member. For fairly hefty fees like $1,000 to $1,500 he promises to do a lot of marketing to get you people in your downline - but only after you have spent money to become an MLM affiliate in his downline. He also charges a $59 monthly fee ( Auto charge to your credit card) to remain in his marketing "Society" and get all of his services. He does do a lot of marketing for you for the MLM you sign up for mostly through postcards and magazine ads. He provides back office databases, alerts when someone is attached to you, and online access to the prospect's info. 

The MLMs he markets are quite legitimate with good and legitimate products but are typically expensive to join and would fall in the high end area of MLM opportunities. You can join them directly without going through Bechtold. Like all MLMs you have to spend a lot more time and money with or without Bechtold's services than he would like you to believe. My impression is that he lies quite a bit and admits to using very deceptive marketing tactics that he claims are necessary to attract people. I was unsuccessful as a pretty passive participant waiting for Bechtold to deliver on his promises. I would recommend avoiding him unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money and focus on MLM as your full time job. And then it is a crap shoot as to whether you can make money at it.

Based on these testimonials I would advise that everyone stay away from this site. Many scams promise a lot up front, but end up charging you much more than you can make from their product or service. In this case it seems that this Eric Bechtold (Original Fake Name) or Eric Peterson (Fake name from the latest video description) obtains contact and credit card information from victims. These victims pay a lot up front or are charged at a monthly rate, but are given little in return. There is no real "Get Rich Quick" plan, but if you had one would you be so willing to share it with everyone online? Think about it, if EBPromotions.com was so successful why would they be so desperate to share their "Money Making Secrets" with others.

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